NILE Merit Heifer Program

Presented by Phillips 66

The NILE Merit Heifer Program was developed to help youth get a start in the beef cattle business. Selected recipients that are awarded a heifer are chosen based on merit, future goals and ability to care for the animal. Any youth that is between 12 and 16 years of age as of June 30 of the given year and is a 4-H or FFA member may apply. This program is not limited to youth in Montana. Interested applicants must submit an application (think of this as applying for a live animal scholarship) with a deadline of June 30 of the given year. Project participants will be selected by October and will be recognized at the NILE Stock Show in October.

Each program participant will own their heifer jointly with NILE until the completion of the program, at which time NILE officials will sign off and the participant will take full ownership of the heifer. During the program duration, participants are responsible for raising the heifer, arranging for her bred, completing the record keeping procedure and bringing the animal back one year later as a bred replacement heifer for exhibit at the NILE Stock Show.

The program is completed after the heifer is determined bred, all record keeping has been completed and the heifer has been shown at the NILE Stock Show. Note: participants will not sell their program animals at NILE, the purpose of this program is to help the participant start his or her own cattle herd.

Program Coordinator: Shelby Shaw | 406-256-2499

2023 NILE Merit Heifer Donors

2 Bar Ranch

Christensen Red Angus

Hilltop Angus

Prickly Pear Simmental Ranch

TM Livestock

3C Cattle

Clarks Fork Angus & Simmental

Horseshoe Angus Ranch

Quarter Circle Livestock

Triple 3 Cattle

Angelo Cattle Co.

Diemert Ranch Herefords

Klompien Red Angus

Redland Red Angus

Walborn Cattle Co.

Basin Angus

Haun Cattle Company

Knaub Cattle Co.

Sidwell Ranch

Beery Land & Livestock

HC Cattle

Mapple Leaf Cattle

Spokane Hutterian Brotherhood

2023 NILE Merit Heifer Recipients

Cade Anderson — Riverton, WY | Haun Cattle Company — Riverton, WY
Violet Browning — Livingston, MT | Klompien Red Angus — Manhattan, MT
Garrett Burkett — Evansville, WY | Sidwell Ranch — Columbus, MT
Hadley Cooper — Powell, WY | Basin Angus — Joliet, MT
Kale Cordill — Cheney, WA | Horseshoe Angus Ranch — Connell, WA
Adilyn Elverud — Richey, MT | Diemert Ranch Herefords — Lothair, MT
Madison Flowers — Shepherd, MT | Triple 3 Cattle — Byers, CO
Brianna Hollingsworth — Cheyenne, WY | Quarter Circle Livestock — Laramie, WY
Halle Huston — Wheatland, WY | Redland Red Angus — Hysham, MT
Asha Jerke — Clyde Park, MT | Prickly Pear Simmental Ranch — Helena, MT
Hadley Kautz — Huntley, MT | HC Cattle — Columbus, MT
Leo Kipp — Browning, MT | Knaub Cattle Co. — Lodge Grass, MT
Wade Kramer — Columbus, MT | Clarks Fork Angus & Simmental — Edgar, MT
Jerome Lipp — Newcastle, WY | Maple Leaf Cattle — Shoshoni, WY
Jaden Martin — Lewistown, MT | Christensen Red Angus — Park City, MT
Weston Meneses — Philipsburg, MT | Angelo Cattle Co. — Drummond, MT
Jordan Paul — Ismay, MT | Walborn Cattle Co. — Hardin, MT
Quintin Perkins — Deer Lodge, MT | 2 Bar Ranch — Deer Lodge, MT
Samantha Prouty — Corning, CA | TM Livestock — Princeton, CA
Wylee Simenson — Chinook, MT | Hilltop Angus — Denton, MT
Teah Vennes — Wilsall, MT | 3C Cattle Co. LLC — Stevensville, MT
Chloie Wardell — Sheridan, WY | Beery Land & Livestock — Vida, MT
Hunter Wilson — Arlington, OR | Spokane Hutterian Brotherhood — Reardan, WA