gold buckle events

The NILE Gold Buckle Futurity has been a prestigious event held for horses purchased through the NILE Gold Buckle Select Horse Sale for over 50 years. As the program continues to grow and expand, it still provides an excellent competition for horses to showcase their abilities! Horses that were purchased through the NILE Gold Buckle Select Horse Sale OR sired by a participating stallion are eligible to compete. 

If you’re interested in learning about current stallions nominated to our program or are interested in nominating a stallion of your own, visit our page here.


Classes that showcase the versatility and cow-sense of horses raised by our region’s best producers!
Yearlings: Round pen and halter
Two-Year-Old: Pattern class with trail and reining elements
Three & Up: Reining patterns and cow work appropriate for the horse’s age
Ranch trail classes are also offered for all ages


It’s all about the speed! The Gold Buckle Barrel Race features some of the most athletic barrel horses raised by some of the best producers in our region.

Stallion Incentives

All nominated stallions and their offspring are eligible to compete in the Gold Buckle Barrel Race and/or the Gold Buckle Ranch Horse Futurity. With an estimated purse of $20,000 with 85/15 split between owner and breeder, this is a great program to be part of.


Yearling Futurity: Sammi Van Der Hagen on ZIPANIC SIXTY SIX
Two-Year-Old Futurity: Faith Stevenson on MONTANA KAT
Three-Year-Old Futurity: Justin Warneke on BET HES GOT SUGAR
Four-Year-Old Futurity: Lisa Robinett on COWGIRLS PLAYMATE
Five-Year-Old Futurity: Lisa Robinett on JP PIXIE FRECKLES


1D Derby: Joy Benson on CE TALK BOUT DIFICULT
2D Derby: Christen Grant on BQH PLAYFUL PEPBURN
1D Futurity: Joelene Gould on JG EYE OPENING LENA
2D Futurity: Jame Zingg on JRS CRUISIN TO A WIN
1D Open: Jame Zingg on HEY EYE PROM KING
2D Open: Ashley Smallwood on FRIENDLY FURY


Yearling Ranch Trail: Heather Cunningham on TDM STORMY STREAK
Two-Year-Old Ranch Trail: Rives White on STAROLENA BOUDREAUX
Three-Year-Old Ranch Trail: Justin Warneke on BET HES GOT SUGAR
Four-Year-Old Ranch Trail: Justin Allen on RD WHISKEY MOON
Five-Year-Old Ranch Trail: Marilyn Wegweiser on SMART SHINER JAYNEE